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Firepal personal fire extinguishers
Firepal personal fire extinguishers

Why Firepal?

Fast & Effective

Works in seconds on fire types B, C, F and electrical fires. Also effective on type A at first spark only

Non-Toxic & Safe

Firepal extinguishers are non-toxic and will not harm the environment, people or animals. The contents are inert until the trigger is pulled.

Maintenance Free

Unlike traditional extinguishers, Firepal never needs servicing or refilling. We save you time and money.

Easy to Use

Our extinguisher can be used by anyone. It is also easy to store and transport. Put one in your kitchen, car, caravan and trailer. 

Portable & Light

Up to 80% smaller and lighter than traditional extinguishers, Firepal is easy to carry, store and transport. Can be used by anyone.

No Residue

Our extinguishers don't leave any powdery residue and will not harm electronics. No costly clean-up or property damage. 

It's why we believe every home, car & office should have a Firepal!

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Fire Safety

Fire Prevention is crucial but fires can still happen. It is essential to be prepared and act quickly to put them out completely.

Who We Serve

Firepal fire extinguishers work on all common fire types. The units are portable and light, and can be used in a variety of situations.

Our Technology

The revolutionary technology used to put out fires on space stations has now been developed into Firepal Fire Extinguishers.

Customer Feedback

"The results were nothing less than amazing. Firepal’s fire extinguishers are simple to use, can be used in numerous situations, and are extremely effective and clean in operation. In my professional opinion this is the extinguishing medium that the fire fighting sector has been waiting for."

Adrian Crook

Ex Deputy Chief Fire Officer of Buckinghamshire Fire & Rescue
also a Fire Safety advisor to the Government, Insurers, and Businesses

Firepal has been tested & approved by multiple agencies worldwide, as well as several Fire Departments.

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