About Us

Most people, including Firepal's founders, have had a frightening and dangerous incident with fire at home.

Looking for something better, easier and safer led them to nanoparticle technology. And Firepal was born.

We now offer these products for sale so that you can be prepared, and have this effective and safe technology in your own home, car, office, caravan or boat. We believe everyone should have a Firepal extinguisher in their home or car - any and everywhere there is a risk of fire.

We wanted a product that was effective, portable and easy to use - by anyone. And we can proudly say that our fire extinguishers meet and exceed all our requirements with their groundbreaking technology.

Safety from fires and saving lives is our number one priority and we remain focused on bringing you the most effective and innovative solutions in fighting fires.

Firepal is your all-purpose compact fire extinguisher!

Customer Feedback

"The results were nothing less than amazing. Firepal’s fire extinguishers are simple to use, can be used in numerous situations, and are extremely effective and clean in operation. In my professional opinion this is the extinguishing medium that the fire fighting sector has been waiting for."

Adrian Crook

Ex Deputy Chief Fire Officer of Buckinghamshire Fire & Rescue
also a Fire Safety advisor to the Government, Insurers, and Businesses
Firepal United Kingdom