Fire Safety

Fire Prevention is most important - but even with the best preventative measures taken, they can still happen. So it is essential to be prepared and to be able to act quickly to put them out.

Our portable extinguishers do not need yearly maintenance. They never need to be refilled and will last up to 5 years. This is because of the revolutionary nanoparticle technology used in our products, which are non-pressurised.

Firepal extinguishers put out all common types of fires very quickly, namely:

  • Electrical fires in the home or vehicles.
  • Grease fires on the stove.
  • Fires caused by gas or paraffin.
  • Flammable liquid fires caused by petrol.
  • Paper, wood* or other solid surface fires.

* In the case of a wood fire that has been burning for some time with established coals then water is a better option. Firepal is designed as a first response unit to put out initial sparks before the fire takes hold.

Who needs one?

Firepal extinguishers work on all types of fires and are recommended in a variety of situations and environments,  including:

  • Homes and residential units.
  • In all types of vehicles from buses to taxis, cars to caravans and even boats. Every vehicle should have one.
  • For first-responders in emergency situations, the FP50 can be carried in its own holster.
  • At events and festivals.
  • In office buildings and other commercial spaces.
  • At restaurants, retail stores and shopping malls.
  • In schools, hospitals and other public facilities.
  • As part of personal protection equipment (PPE) on construction sites and for other industries.

As our products are lightweight and easy to operate they have been found particularly suitable for:

  • Personal use: the FP50 can be carried in your bag or clipped to your belt.
  • Transportation: the FP50 fits in your car's glove compartment, or can be safely stowed in your taxi, caravan or trailer.
  • First responders: police, ambulance and security services find the portability of the FP50 extremely useful.
  • Events: a choice of 3 sizes of extinguisher means there is a size to suit any event, whether large or small.
Firepal fire extinguishers use nanoparticle technology and work on all common fire types

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What the Professionals Think

"The results were nothing less than amazing. Firepal’s fire extinguishers are simple to use, can be used in numerous situations, and are extremely effective and clean in operation. In my professional opinion this is the extinguishing medium that the fire fighting sector has been waiting for."

Adrian Crook

Ex Deputy Chief Fire Officer of Buckinghamshire Fire & Rescue
also a Fire Safety advisor to the Government, Insurers, and Businesses
Firepal United Kingdom