How to Use

  1. Familiarise yourself with how to use the device:
    • It is designed to extinguish fires at first spark – so it needs to be easily accessible in areas where a fire is most likely to start.
    • Hold the device with the nozzle pointing away from you.
    • Pull out and discard the safety ring at the back of the device. It is now ready to be used.
    • Get as close to the fire as you safely can.
    • Hold the device in front of you pointing downward and press the yellow “start” button.
    • A smoky gas will discharge from the device nozzle. The gas is discharged at high pressure so it will disrupt/displace the fire.
    • Aim the nozzle and gas at the base of the fire in front of you - keeping the device as vertical as possible. It is important to aim at the base of the fire - if you deploy it horizontally the gas will dissipate into the flames above the fire and not work to best effect – you want to attack the base of the fire so that the extinguishing agent can work on the fire at its origin.
    • As you see the fire subsiding move closer – safely – to ensure the gas extinguishes the fire completely.
    • The objective is to flood the fire with the nano-particle gas, so move towards the fire as you keep discharging. The unit will discharge fully in about 8 to 12 seconds. Note – it cannot be refilled and needs to be replaced with a new one.
    • The nano-particle gas extinguishing agent is Firepal’s “secret sauce” developed for the international space programme and the military. It is very effective and designed to be easily accessible and easy to use so that a fire can be quickly and efficiently extinguished the moment it starts.
  2. Make sure your Firepal is easy to get to. Mount the bracket or store the device as close as possible to potential fire sources like in the kitchen near your stove top or in your car – it fits neatly in your glove compartment. Make sure the whole family knows where it is and how to use it!
  3. If you have had a situation where you used the device you can return the used device to us and we will discount a replacement for you. If you are prepared to share your experience with us we will use your experience to help improve our product development and enhance fire safety awareness with our customers.

This Personal Handy fire extinguisher is rated for the following types of fires:

  • Type B Flammable liquid (like petrol),
  • Type C Flammable gas,
  • Electrical fires (electrical components and not Type A fires caused by electrical components), and
  • Type F (Grease / fat fires usually occurring in kitchens).

The unit is designed as a first response extinguisher to put out the fire before it gets started - it will not put out an entire burning building.

In the case of a Type A fire – wood/paper smouldering fire – the Firepal extinguisher will put out the initial spark but, if the fire has been burning for a while, smouldering embers could re-ignite. For established Type A fires you should use water.

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What the Professionals Think

"The results were nothing less than amazing. Firepal’s fire extinguishers are simple to use, can be used in numerous situations, and are extremely effective and clean in operation. In my professional opinion this is the extinguishing medium that the fire fighting sector has been waiting for."

Adrian Crook

Ex Deputy Chief Fire Officer of Buckinghamshire Fire & Rescue
also a Fire Safety advisor to the Government, Insurers, and Businesses
Firepal United Kingdom